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Hello there!

Ariane Hopman

I’m Ariane (rhymes with Marianne), the owner of Living Seasonally Photography.

The power of a photograph is undeniable. The power of a photograph capturing one of the most important moments of your own life is irresistible. I’ve studied the history and craft of photography since age 16, however it wasn’t until after the deployment of my husband, two weeks after our wedding, that the true priceless nature of an image sank in. I held dear the images of my husband while we were apart for 13 months. After the birth of our son, the importance of the recorded image became that much more clear.

Photography is powerful. And we all deserve to have the most important moments – but also, perhaps, the most mundane, daily occurrences- of our lives recorded not necessarily so that future generations can view them, but so that we can share, relive and experience our humanity with ourselves and others today.

I would love the opportunity to work with you to record your life, from graduations, birthdays, engagements and weddings to the birth of your children.

People, places and things – that’s life!




One thought on “about + connect + follow

  1. HI Annie, Christine sent me your info and I’ve looked at your website and photos.
    It all looks great. Do you do family portraits?
    We’re hoping to have portraits done to send to some of our relatives as Christmas gifts and to also use a photo in/on our Christmas card.

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