Party Picks, Garlands & Tiaras

Calley is another new friend of mine. She’s a momma too, only one who has been in the trenches for far longer than me. Thus, I hang on every word that comes out of her mouth. Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But, still. Needless to say, I’ve opened my heart and friend-world to her. Her warmth and grounded, sage approach to motherhood is inspiring and when our hang times end, I always leave feeling better about my own mothering. In my book, that’s an awesome woman to have in your life.

Calley has been making her crafty goodness for years now while being a self-described homemaker. And now, as her youngest enters elementary school, she has the opportunity to spend more time on her crafting. And craft she does!

Calley creates awesomeness in paper. Think ironic paper party picks in cupcakes, sparkly-yet-funky garlands and modern head and arm pieces for brides and other fancy-pants.

Check out her rad stuff, which you can find at her FB page Design by Calley and here:


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