My new friend Molly.

Molly is awesome.

She makes shit. She meditates. She’s shiny. She’s sweet. And she coaches folks to become more shiny themselves.

I met her at a friend’s birthday party in January and immediately knew she was someone I wanted to have in my life. Lately, I’ve been trying to be more open to having new people in my life. For so long I felt like I needed to close my new-friend door, for many reasons – it began when Russell was deployed and then just continued through our home-purchase year and then through our first-child year. And now… has opened. I breath more deeply. My heart has opened to some true beauties (you’ll meet another one soon!) and I am so damn grateful.

As luck would have it, Molly needed some business portraits taken for her about-to-be-launched bad ass coaching business. After our super fun afternoon of photomagraphing, I informed her in hopefully a very non-creepy way that we were now friends. She was down.

And so, her business. Molly is just finishing up the final touches on her very-soon-to-debut coaching business Creative Fire Coaching. I’ve been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some of her coaching and let me tell you, she’s good. She’s damn good at listening. But not just listening – listening and hearing you. Each time I’ve sat down with her, my heart opens and I just barf up all this stuff I didn’t know needed to be purged.

Now, I love me a good life coach. Molly is the second I’ve had the opportunity to work with and I highly recommend the experience. I liken it to therapy, only not let’s-focus-on-the-past therapy, but let’s-be-proactive-and-get-shit-done therapy.

Get in touch with Molly at her brilliant blog until this summer, when her business launches for real, at which point you will find her at

And for now, here are some of her business portraits:


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