spring has sprung {portland landscape photographer}

Oh, the paradox of life. While both my boys have been fighting the nastiest of colds, spring has sprung here in Portland. In between resting and fresh ginger tea treatments, we ventured outside to soak up just a bit of early spring sun and because my husband has a different definition of resting than most, we put some plants and bulbs in the ground.

We nestled the thyme between our just-poking-out-of-the-ground hop plants and found two great spots for our goldcrest cypresses. The daffodils have pushed their way out of the earth and are just starting to open and some of my most favorite early spring flowers have bloomed – anyone know what this gorgeous pink flowering plant is?

We spied the sturdy stalks of our garlic collection and learned two things about the orange Chinese lantern languishing in it’s original plastic pot – a) despite it’s appearance, it’s not dead! This pleases me greatly as I just may have spent a bit much on it at New Seasons last fall and b) it invades like crazy if put in the ground. Duly noted. It shall live in a pot without holes on our deck.

I’m so excited to get our veggies planted next.

I’m also so excited to meet my little niecelet, due on April 6th.

Oh, spring. You are a welcome sight.

Pssst – interested in that ginger tea treatment? Check it out below.

Fresh Ginger Tea

My fantastic naturopathic doc, Dr. Anne Hill, explained to me that ginger helps bring the sickness up and out of your body. Ginger has all kinds of therapeutic uses and we regularly stock it at home now. This tea is ridiculously easy.

  1. Place thin slices of ginger in a pot of water.
  2. Bring to a boil then take off heat and let simmer about five minutes.
  3. Juice a fresh lemon and add to a mug with raw honey.
  4. Carefully pour fresh ginger tea in mug and enjoy!

Be well!



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