Documenting passion manifested





This week I found myself at Oregon College of Art and Craft not once but twice. I was there to document the Hoffman Gallery exhibition and man, it was nice to be back in my old stomping grounds. I spent many long hours on campus there once upon a time, tucked away in the warm, cozy womb of the darkroom with some pretty rockin’ folks, listening to loud music and making some pretty rockin’ works.


While I miss those days in the darkroom, I am thrilled to have spread my wings…..which makes going back on a monthly basis that much sweeter!

The Hoffman Gallery is a truly lovely space – light filled and airy, it provides you with a sweet space to consider the works before you. Arthur De Bow is an exquisite director and Peter Nichols,  the best preparator.

I love watching people look at art – the way they cock their heads to the side, sizing up the piece. I’m curious about the thoughts going through their mind, but of course that’s not for me to know.

Consider visiting OCAC some time – you’ll have your socks knocked off by the quality and depth of work they exhibit!

Take care all and enjoy your weekend!



PS: While you’re there, enjoy yummy-ness at Hands On Cafe.

PPS: OCAC happens to provide a truly stellar craft education – if you’re interested in honing your ability to creatively problem solve, check it out!


One thought on “Documenting passion manifested

  1. Way to go Arianne. I am very proud of you. Nickie sent me your website info. I am happy to see you are following your dream.



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