Hello there!

My name is Ariane Hopman and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m so glad you’re here! I’m about to embark on the scariest and most exhilarating adventure of my life: starting my own photography business.

Photography has played a hugely formative role in my life since high school and now that I’ve officially entered my 32nd year of life, I figure it’s about time I get down to the business of living my dream. I mean, seriously living my dream. Not just talking about it. Or writing about it. Or thinking about it. We’ve only got this one life, right? And I’ll be damned if when I’m 90 years old I look back with regret at my career working for someone else, trapped inside a cubicle.

So here I am, planting the seeds of ROCKET | photo works and lugging my big ol’ watering can over to do my best at nurturing this dream of mine. So that I can live my creativity and engage with my fellow human beings through meaningful encounters in which we create images that capture moments. Because of course, it’s these moments that build a life.

Along the way I’ll share projects, ideas, questions and a myriad of life moments that add up to this life and my dream.

Thanks for joining me on this expedition – I’m glad you’re here!



PS: Oh! And the name? My first name, Ariane, also happens to be the name of  a French rocket! I love the (positive) symbolic meaning of a rocket: forceful, strong, soaring up, up, up through the atmosphere. It feels purposeful and full of intent!

PPS: That’s my husband and I dancing at our vow renewal ceremony last summer – that was one heck of a party!


2 thoughts on “Hello there!

  1. Love it! You are an awesome woman…it is great that you are taking real steps towards living your dream 🙂
    If only we could all be so brave!!

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