Party Picks, Garlands & Tiaras

Calley is another new friend of mine. She’s a momma too, only one who has been in the trenches for far longer than me. Thus, I hang on every word that comes out of her mouth. Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But, still. Needless to say, I’ve opened my heart and friend-world to her. Her warmth and grounded, sage approach to motherhood is inspiring and when our hang times end, I always leave feeling better about my own mothering. In my book, that’s an awesome woman to have in your life.

Calley has been making her crafty goodness for years now while being a self-described homemaker. And now, as her youngest enters elementary school, she has the opportunity to spend more time on her crafting. And craft she does!

Calley creates awesomeness in paper. Think ironic paper party picks in cupcakes, sparkly-yet-funky garlands and modern head and arm pieces for brides and other fancy-pants.

Check out her rad stuff, which you can find at her FB page Design by Calley and here:


Photo Show @ Bar Dobre

My dear friend Kimberly and I met in art school. For two years we ripped ourselves open and let it all flow out onto the page/into the silver halide crystals/into the platinum palladium. We talked about the most intimate experiences of our lives and spent many hundreds of hours in the darkroom together.

Ten years have passed since our first class together and we both have new creative endeavors – I’ve got my manlet and this wee biz and Kimberly and her husband, Stan, have opened a quite successful restaurant here in Portland serving delicious Polish food and drink.

Bar Dobre opened last fall and has garnered rave reviews from numerous folks in town who know about such things. Besides Stan’s melt-in-your-mouth pierogis and divinely delicious truffle fries, Kimberly’s hand is everywhere in the place – a large emotional photograph of hers hangs on a main wall and the space is incredibly cozy with a wall of vintage mirrors reflecting the candle light and long, cushioned benches to hold your bum for the hours you will surely spend there. All of this is pure Kimberly.

When she offered her back gallery walls, I couldn’t resist! I’ve hung work that hasn’t seen the light of day since their creation and it’s exciting and motivating to make more work. And really, just to make.

And so, please join us for a little gallery opening of sorts to kick off Dobre’s happy hour on Tuesday, May 28th from 5pm to 7pm. Eat some nibblies, drink some yumminess, take a look-see at my photos and have fun! (Happy Hour at Bar Dobre is 5pm to 6pm.)

Here’s a map of Bar Dobre’s location.

Here are a few selections from the show:

My new friend Molly.

Molly is awesome.

She makes shit. She meditates. She’s shiny. She’s sweet. And she coaches folks to become more shiny themselves.

I met her at a friend’s birthday party in January and immediately knew she was someone I wanted to have in my life. Lately, I’ve been trying to be more open to having new people in my life. For so long I felt like I needed to close my new-friend door, for many reasons – it began when Russell was deployed and then just continued through our home-purchase year and then through our first-child year. And now… has opened. I breath more deeply. My heart has opened to some true beauties (you’ll meet another one soon!) and I am so damn grateful.

As luck would have it, Molly needed some business portraits taken for her about-to-be-launched bad ass coaching business. After our super fun afternoon of photomagraphing, I informed her in hopefully a very non-creepy way that we were now friends. She was down.

And so, her business. Molly is just finishing up the final touches on her very-soon-to-debut coaching business Creative Fire Coaching. I’ve been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some of her coaching and let me tell you, she’s good. She’s damn good at listening. But not just listening – listening and hearing you. Each time I’ve sat down with her, my heart opens and I just barf up all this stuff I didn’t know needed to be purged.

Now, I love me a good life coach. Molly is the second I’ve had the opportunity to work with and I highly recommend the experience. I liken it to therapy, only not let’s-focus-on-the-past therapy, but let’s-be-proactive-and-get-shit-done therapy.

Get in touch with Molly at her brilliant blog until this summer, when her business launches for real, at which point you will find her at

And for now, here are some of her business portraits:


Best friend and baby – sweetness captured without either of them knowing…

my baby brother is having a baby {portland maternity photographer}

My dear baby brother will become a father soon. Let me repeat that: MY BABY BROTHER WILL BE A FATHER. I’m screaming it because I’m still in shock. Granted, there are still days I look at my sweet son and can’t believe that I’m a mother. Lewis will turn 30 this fall, so clearly he is, in fact, a man. And a man quite well-equipped to be the best dad ever. But still….dismay. When did we become adults?

Maggie is gorgeously pregnant and due to birth their daughter within the next week. Words honestly can’t describe the joy and love I hold in place for my little niece-let. And for Lewis and Maggie as they cross the threshold into parenthood.

images from my world {portland travel photographer}

It’s so much fun going through old work. For me, it’s such a cathartic process – most of the time I realize something like, “Hey! I’m actually kinda good at this whole photomagraphy thing.” Here’s my most recent findings from the files of yore:

Kelley family {portland family photographer)

Last fall I had the pleasure of spending a short bit of time with the Kelley family on a late Sunday afternoon on the banks of the Willamette River. There was a break in the typical late-fall weather that day and we decided to go for it. Mary has been a long-time friend of my dear aunt Christine and while I had met her before, I had never had the opportunity to spend much time with her. What a sweet and wonderful woman! And her husband and two sons were just as friendly and fun to work with. As the sun approached the west hills and threatened to sink below and take our light with it, we experienced the “golden hour” of light that photographers have a love affair with – what a gift!

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